English Introduction Planet First


PlanetFirst is an interactive platform. People all around the world can pitch their idea or concept for a huge audience to find others to participate in their idea, to find sponsors to help them realising their idea or to find other people who are convinced that this concept should be worked out.

The creators of a concept can write a “FIRST “on the website PlanetFirst. Others can support the ideas “First” or concepts with “Planets”, The Planets are the virtual money at the website PlanetFirst. With donating planets, you give the creator a like. The more planets a First receives, the more power the First gets.

People can also write down comments on a First. Though there is one rule at PlanetFirst: all the comments have to be constructive or helpfully to make the concept better. If you think the concept will not work you should leave it alone. If you have strong feelings about the subject the First is about, you can always write your own First. Then see if your First receives more Planets.

This rule is not to deny any negative response. But negative responses make that concepts will not be worked out. PlanetFirst uses the principles of making a concept work by just focusing on what works, not on focusing why something will not work.

People can write an idea alone, as group, as neighbours, as co-workers, as friends or even as a school class. You can have an idea to change the way your school is handling homework for instance. By creating a First and finding a lot of other students donating Planets to your concept, you could be able to convince the school to change the way they are handling homework.

You could have a concept for a new way of banking or an idea on how to bring positive changes to your neighbourhood, how to use rainwater differently. I think that we can use our imagination, but people will start being more creative once they find out how PlanetFirst works.

We no longer ask people to change the way the governments want us to change, PlanetFirst gives the people a platform to bring the change they think will work.

Later on we can also introduce a dare game. This is where people can send each other a dare. They can say either yes to the dare or no. They can blog on their home page about the dare and others can leave comments on their dares.

The website has a homepage. People can create their own page too. As a person, as a group or as a company. They can invite friends. It is possible to share your First with friends or with everybody.

First can be found on subject, state, neighbourhood or company.

There will be also a share value market where we can see the top First with the highest amount of planets.

There is also a concept for a television show. The battle of the First. Where The highest First can battle on television and inviting companies and politicians to discuss the First.